"[the Flagg Mic] looks and sounds really cool and is sturdy as a rock. Perfect." - Danilo (Ivories)

On the Flagg Mic: "...perfect for my sound." - Rob Kleiner (Tub Ring, Atlantic Records)

Youtube's famous phantom gear reviewer Gearmanndude on the Flagg Mic: Click here! 

On the Flagg Mic: "We just did our 1st show with your mic! Amazing!" - Mathieu Denis (Dirty Red Shoes)

"...just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how awesome the Flagg Mic is. I gigged with it for the first time last week; it sounded great and I got a ton of compliments." - Zack Smith (Smooth Hand Smith)

"...the Flagg Mic delivers as you said it would. How refreshing! Thanks... ...I will share my knowledge of your mic with many friends. You have something here." - Eric Drew Feldman (Captain Beefheart, Fear, Pixies, PJ Harvey.)

"Great live-mics with a nice lo-fi distortion sound. No problems with feedback... the audience pays extra attention when we use them. They give our shows something special." - Vetle Løvgaard (Doggerland)

"I'm in the process of using the Flagg Mic to track vocals right now for a new record... So great." - Martin Brummeler

"The Panic Mic is the worst mic I ever tried, but in the very best sense. Low Fidelity / High times." - Kim Kølbæk (Schæfer)

On the Flagg Mic: "I prayed for a mic like this" - Pookie (Pookie and the Poodlez)

"Hey man, love your product!" - Kyle Brandt - (A Light Within)

I found that methods used to achieve lo-fi vocal effects in the studio didn't translate well to live settings. After much trial and error I came up with a solution built from an acquired payphone.

After shows people were always asking me where I got my payphone mic and if they could buy it off me. At some point I figured it might be a good move to start selling them. Flagg Audio was born.

Since then my wife Kodi and I have been selling our musical offerings to musicians and engineers all over the world out of our Virginia home.


If you need anything shoot an email, a tweet, or find us on facebook.

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Kodi and Randy Carvalho

Are Flagg Mics made from used materials?
A: No. Flagg Mics are made from 100% new materials.

Q: Do Flagg Mics work well on other instruments?

A: Yes. They work great on wind instruments, guitar cabs, and percussion.

Q: Can Flagg Mics perform in high volume settings?

A: Yes. Flagg Mics will outperform even hypercardioid mics in terms of feedback rejection. They're also extremely cutting in a dense mix.

Q: How do Flagg Mics fit on a mic stand?

A: Flagg Mics can snap sideways into a Shure-style mic clip.

Q. Can Flagg Mics pair with other Vocal FX?
A: Yes. Flagg Mics tend to pair better with FX than traditional mics due to their inherent feedback reduction.

Q: Any live tips?
A: "Eat" the mic. Get up close, within one to no inches and sing normally. Set the gain based off this distance.

Q: Any recording tips?
A: Flagg Mics won't pickup the sound of the room you're recording in. For a more natural sense of space blend in some subtle reverb.

Q: How are domestic orders shipped?
A: Domestic shipping is done Priority through USPS for $10. A USPS tracking number will be given after your order is shipped.

Q: Will you ship to outside the US?
A: Yes. International shipping is done through the USPS for a flat cost of $20. International shipping only offers limted tracking from the customs number. If you need further tracking or insurance please contact us for a custom shipping quote. Please be aware that international shipping takes upwards of 14 days on our side and that your country's system can often add more time onto that as well. If there's anything unique about your country's postal system please let me know ahead of time.

Q: Do Flagg Mics come with a warranty?
A: Yes. Up to one year after your purchase we will fix or replace your Flagg Mic if it stops working due to manufacturer defects. Like most mic dealers, we can't accept returns on used mics. Think about it: would you want a mic someone else spit all over?

Anything we didn't answer? Shoot us a line.
Introducing the Flagg Mic from Flagg Audio. It's a specialty microphone built from a payphone receiver for use on stage and in studio. The Flagg Mic gives you that authentic lo-fi, vintage, distorted, narrowband, old-radio tone you hear in all genres of contemporary music today while sidestepping the headaches of feedback and bleed generally associated with such an effect. The Flagg Mic adds character and dynamics that will keep your audience's attention. If you're looking to stand out on stage or impress your studio's clientele you're in the right place.

• Transmits from both ends
• Built from a payphone handset
• Rejects feedback & off-axis sound
• Heavy-duty Neutrik XLR
• Pierce-proof dynamic mic elements
• Silver bearing solder
• Able to handle extreme SPLs
• Crushproof armored cable
• Logo by Camcode
• No phantom power needed
• Fits standard mic clip (side saddle)
• Hand wired
• Comes in three colors



We generally ship in 3-5 business day. International customers: Please see the FAQ.