About myself

Posted by Randy on Nov 15th 2018

For those of you who don’t know me, I wanted to introduce myself. I’m musician. I sing, write, play guitar/bass/drums, and have some background in electronic repair (amps, guitars, pedals) and sound engineering. I’ve been a part of numerous bands, usually as the singer/song-writer, though I’ve held every position in the typical 4-piece rock band at some point. My style tends towards rock/punk/blues/noise/garage(read: basement) mixed with type of metal that typically overlaps these things.

Here’s some links to my music:

Drown Your Babies Elsewhere (Solo project): https://youtu.be/umHYWI3b-0o
The Turkeys (Singing/Songwriting): https://cookedbird.bandcamp.com/
Wolf Wang (Singing/Songwriting): https://wolfwang.bandcamp.com/
My SoundCloud (Mixture of everything): https://soundcloud.com/randycarvalho
Nomad (Bass, some vocals):

Music is my hobby and my outlet. Making mics in my second job. That leaves my day job as the unknown. Well, I’m a human services case manager. Right now I work with individuals who’ve experienced acquired brain injuries. Previously I’ve worked with mental health, substance abuse, developmental disabilities, criminal justice, homeless, and low-income populations. I’ve done this work out of Massachusetts, the East Bay California area, and now in Central Virginia. I love my job as I get paid to help people. It’s a great field, if you’re the helping type.

I’m currently in school working on an undergrad at ODU. I have about a year to go. Starting to weigh grad school options.

On the Flagg Audio thing, I really try to be the opposite of typical small-time manufacturers. That means I’m happy to help and I respect your time. Being a customer myself, I’ve always been irritated by how hostile some companies come off to a customer asking a question. If you get the same question a million times, you’re doing something wrong, not the customer. The best teachers are the ones that want to share, not those who get mad at anyone with less knowledge on a very narrow subject.

That’s all I got. Hopefully this somewhat humanizes the e-commerce incarnation of Flagg Audio. Yup, there’s a real-life person living in here. He exists and some people find him tolerable in certain contexts.

That person, is me.

-Randy Carvahlo