New website!

Posted by Randy on Oct 23rd 2018

Hi everyone. Got the new website up. I had been making the websites myself (for better or worse) since 2011. Because I'm not a programmer, it was always a bit limited in terms of functionality. The first website in 2011 was pretty clunky, then in 2015 I made it responsive to better serve mobile devices. It worked, looked nice, but was a little spartan. Now in 2018, I'm using a third-party system.

So what's new with the new website? Well, it's got a shopping cart, can do coupon codes, sales, gift certificates, post one-off products easily, blog, have social media implemented, and a bunch of other stuff I haven't worked out yet. Hopefully it'll give you the modern shopping experience you've come to expect in this day in age. True, it's missing some of that DIY charm, but you came here for cool mics, not cool webdesign.

If you haven't yet, come check out my Instagram. That's been my main social media outlet lately. Feel free to tag us!

That's all I got. Thank you for your continued support. I really have the best customers.