Q: I made something awesome using your mics. Can I share it with you?

A: Yes, please do! It always makes my day to hear people painting with my products. Feel free to send me a link via the contact form, or tag us on Instagram with #FlaggAudio

Q: Do Flagg Mics perform in high volume settings?

A: Yes. Flagg Mics will outperform even hypercardioid mics in terms of feedback rejection. I've tried all the other ways (vintage mics, harmonica mics, vocal fx units, bullhorns, gates, etc) and this is the only setup I've ever found that is truly feedback free. Flagg Mics cut their teeth in my old punk band playing dive bars in Boston. No feedback at all and they rip through a dense mix.

Q: I plan to use your mics for film work. Can you omit the "Flagg Audio" badge/label?

A: Sure thing. When you checkout, add a comment letting me know that you don't want a label.

Q: How far from them do you sing?

A: Proper distance of the Flagg mic is touching it with your lips to about an inch away. Take time to practice with the mic before using in live settings as the pickup range is different than typical mics and will require a slightly different technique.

Q: Do they work well on instruments?

A: Yes. They work great on wind instruments, guitar cabs, and percussion. Similar with singing, put it right up to the sound source. Check out this video for some examples.

Q: Are they made from used materials?

A: No, that's gross. Used phones are dirtier than a toilet seat. You don't want to inherit someone else's filth which I why I make mics from 100% new materials, always. Even when I test your mic before it ships, I do it with a bag over it. You're the first person to use your mic. 

Q: How do you connect them to a stand?

A: Flagg Mics can snap sideways into a Shure A25D mic clip. They also work with the big generic flexible mic clips you see for wireless mics. I've seen people have success with zip ties, Velcro, and duct tape as well :) 

Q. Can they pair with other Vocal FX?

A: Yes. Flagg Mics tend to pair better with FX than traditional mics due to their inherent feedback reduction. Remember that vocal FX unit you bought to get distorted vocals and never used because of the feedback? Plug the Flagg Mic into it and try throwing some modulation on it.

Q: Any live tips?

A: Plug the Flagg Mic into the PA just as you would a regular dynamic mic. "Eat" the mic. Get up close, within one to no inches and sing normally. Set the gain based off this distance. Be prepared to explain to people where you got “that mic” after the show. (Send them to me!)

Q: Any recording tips?

A: Use as you would a typical dynamic mic. The Flagg Mic (like all tight-patterned unidirectional mics) is great for close-miking instruments and vocals but won’t pickup the sound of the room you’re recording in. For a more natural sense of space it’s best used in conjunction with room mics and/or subtle reverb. Of course for a dry mechanical tone (like DI distorted guitar) feel free to use it by itself (great for industrial/electric styles).

Q: How are domestic orders shipped?

A: Domestic shipping is done through USPS. We have three options depending on how fast you need it. I suggest using priority, as it's the best deal and comes with full tracking and insurance.

Q: Will you ship to outside the US?

A: Absolutely! I ship all over the world. International shipping is done through the USPS. International shipping only offers tracking from the customs number at the cheapest option. Be aware that international shipping takes awhile on our side and that your country's system can often add more time onto that as well. If there's any peculiarities to your postal system, let me know ahead of time so I can accommodate. Please note, unless I'm actually sending you gift, I'm putting "merchandise" on the customs form.

Q: Do your mics come with a warranty?

A: Yes. Up to one year after your purchase we will fix or replace your Flagg Mic if it stops working due to manufacturer defects. Like most mic dealers, we can't accept returns on used mics as it would be gross.

Q: How do you clean them?

A: Use Lysol wipes on the outside of the mic. If yours gets really nasty you can take the caps off and clean around the inside. Be careful not to damage the electronics.

Q: Randy, anywhere I can check out your music?

A: (Ok, this isn't really a frequently asked question, but...) Sure. My last solo album can be heard here, and here's some links to some of my old bands: The Turkeys, Wolf Wang.

Q: I have a question not addressed here. What do I do?

A: Message me on the contact form. I don't have that "you're bothering me" attitude of a lot of small business owners because I love talking about my products and appreciate your interest in them. Plus, you're helping me refine this FAQ if you come up something new.