Flagg Mic Yellow

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The Flagg Mic is a specialty microphone built from a payphone receiver for use in stage, studio, radio, and TV. The Flagg Mic gives you that authentic lo-fi, vintage, distorted, narrowband, old-radio tone you hear in all genres of contemporary music today while sidestepping the headaches of feedback and bleed generally associated with such an effect. The Flagg Mic adds character and dynamics that will keep your audience's attention. If you're looking to stand out on stage or impress your clientele you're in the right place.

• Transmits from both ends
• Built from a payphone handset
• Rejects feedback & off-axis sound
• Heavy-duty Neutrik XLR
• Pierce-proof dynamic mic elements
• Silver bearing solder
• Able to handle extreme SPLs
• Crushproof armored cable
• Logo by Camcode
• No phantom power needed
• Fits standard mic clip (side saddle)
• Hand wired
• Comes in three colors

We will fix or replace your Flagg Mic if it stops working due to manufacturer defects. Like most mic dealers, we can't accept returns on used mics.

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