"...the Flagg Mic delivers as you said it would. How refreshing! Thanks... ...I will share my knowledge of your mic with many friends. You have something here." - Eric Drew Feldman (Captain Beefheart, Fear, Pixies, PJ Harvey.)

On the Flagg Mic: "...perfect for my sound." - Rob Kleiner (Tub Ring, Atlantic Records)

On the Flagg Mic: "I'm gonna have fun on the road with that thing" - Jimmy Urine (Mindless Self Indulgence)

"Going to be rockin my lofi flagg mic. Cool stuff. Thanks guys" - Matt Sorum (Guns N' Roses, Velvet Revolver)

Youtube's famous phantom gear reviewer Gearmanndude on the Flagg Mic: Click here!

"We've been using your Flagg mic for a couple years now and figured I'd get in touch and show you an album we recorded with it. We use it for all our live shows, but recorded our album "We're All Just Aliens" with the mic, which we released early 2014. We're big supporters of your mic and haven't found anything nearly as good for the live sound we're looking for. The thing rules. Thanks man!" - John (GRIZZLOR)

"Great live-mics with a nice lo-fi distortion sound. No problems with feedback... the audience pays extra attention when we use them. They give our shows something special." - Vetle Løvgaard (Doggerland)

"I have used your mic a bunch and it features both on recording and on screen in the past few episodes... here's the most recent. Just wanted you to know I still love that thing" - Martin Brummeler

"Super stoked, think [the Flagg Mic] be perfect for Mutant Scum!" - Tom Smo (Mutant Scum)

"Just got one of these for my lead singer. He loves it. I love it out at FOH because I don't have to eq the hell out of it. Thanks for an awesome product." - Alex Weglicki

"The Panic Mic is the worst mic I ever tried, but in the very best sense. Low Fidelity / High times." - Kim Kølbæk (Schæfer)

On the Flagg Mic: "I prayed for a mic like this" - Pookie (Pookie and the Poodlez)

"Your awesome Flagg mic is recorded on every track of my new release. A staple item. Love your product!" "You make mics so sexy they attract thieves [his mic was stolen from a show]. Just ordered mic #2." - Kyle Brandt - (A Light Within)

On the Flagg Mic: "We just did our 1st show with your mic! Amazing!" - Mathieu Denis (Dirty Red Shoes)

"THIS MIC ROCKS!! As soon as I mic-checked, all of my band had to comment on how great the sound is. The distortion is perfect (I sing into the ear piece) and there wasn't a drop of feedback! Plus, it's very fun to sing into a red telephone." - Edwina

"No feedback ever. Best mic out there for distortion... I get more compliments on that mic then I can shake a stick at." [His mic was also stolen from a show] - Stephen Goterch (Ea Indigo)

"Guys just want to say thank you so much for making something like this. I had been using a shure green bullet for the last 15 shows we've done and the feedback is awful." - Joe Leppanen (Glassbodies)

"Hey Guys! We ordered your flagg mic a couple of months ago and we've been using it live ever since, we even used it to record some vocals for our new album... it's great!" - It's everyone else

"[the Flagg Mic] looks and sounds really cool and is sturdy as a rock. Perfect." - Danilo (Ivories)

"I absolutely love this mic! It looks fantastics (one hell of an eye catcher on stage!), it seems to be very sturdy and the sound is as you'd expect - "midrangy" and slightly distorted. Perfect!" - Wolfgang M.